202 Pages, Softcover

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UCHIDESHI provides readers with an inside look at the live-in training program at the Yoshinkan Aikido headquarters during the first half of the 1980s. Under the direction of Shioda Gozo, himself a pillar of modern Aikido, Payet recounts all of the daily hardships, as well as the pleasures, associated with this distinctive type of training. Uchideshi is a gem that welcomes readers onto the mats right alongside the author. Reading Uchideshi, you will learn Payet’s key insights, dream his dreams, and endure his pain. This is a unique perspective not available anywhere else.

"Watching Payet Shihan today, I feel he is the personification of Shioda Gozo in Kyoto. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the embodiment of real technique. What is more, I feel he is bringing the true Yoshinkan style to Kyoto -- the very thing that we studied together in the Koganei Era."