339 Pages, Softcover

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The Endless Quest provides a unique insight into the early years of Karate-do in North America.  Throughout his recounting of its introduction and popularization, Dometrich Hanshi introduces us to many of the key figures who helped establish Karate-do as a viable martial art in North America.  Readers will learn first hand of the camaraderies, the struggles, the victories, and the defeats. Thanks to The Endless Quest, students of all karate styles can now get a glimpse of what it was like to train directly under one of the “old masters” of karate-do – Chitose Tsuyoshi. 

"The Endless Quest is a valuable and insightful addition to the growing body of martial arts literature whose focus is to reveal the true spirit of the Japanese budo — that of perseverance, dedication, and service. Students of all martial arts will enjoy its stories and be motivated by its lessons."
Masami Tsuruoka
Founder of Tsuruoka Karate