138 Pages, Softcover

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Kempo Karate-do was originally written to help facilitate the spread of Karate-do in the post-war years. Now, with this new English translation, Karate students of all styles can learn from Dr. Chitose’s thoughts concerning the role, importance, and techniques of Karate-do during this pivotal time of its popularization. Kempo Karate-do also includes photographic explanations of key training forms — Henshu Ho, Goshin Ho, Tanto Dori, discussions of physiology and teaching methodology as well as detailed genealogy charts.

"With the release of Kempo Karate-do, we finally have access to the words of Chitose Tsuyoshi, 10th dan Hanshi, founder of Chito Ryu Karate-do. With O-Sensei now gone his writings may be the only way many will gain insight into what Chito Ryu is. Chitose was a major contributor to post-war karate and its growth in the modern era, having taught many who in turn took his Chito Ryu to an international level. My hope is that through his written work you too may gain an insight into this senior karate leader's love for his art."