2 hr. 43 min., 2 X DVD Set

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AIKIDO YOSHINKAN: INSTRUCTOR REQUIREMENTS, by Kyoichi Inoue, presents all of the major technical requirements for instructor certification as outlined by the Yoshinkan Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo. The footage for was shot between July 10 and July 13, 2003, when Inoue Kancho visited the headquarters of Aikido Yoshinkai Canada in Toronto for a series of 6 clinics. Throughout this special training, Inoue Kancho outlined each of the various technical and other aspects required for instructor certification.

This DVD is a “must have” for anyone interested in Yoshinkan Aikido!

"Throughout this DVD, Inoue Kancho clearly demonstrates each of the aspects that make the techniques of Yoshinkan Aikido so effective. Inoue Kancho was the first person since the passing of Gozo Shioda to hold the title 'Kancho' within the Yoshinkan. As such, he was uniquely qualified to present these requirements for Instructor Certification."