225 Pages, Softcover

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BUDO “The Art Of Being,” by Joe Thambu Shihan, is based on his more than 50 years of Aikido training. The book explores his more profound thoughts and offers practical applications for embodying a Budo mindset and philosophy. The content of this book comes from a series of lengthy interviews conducted with Thambu Shihan. The format and conversational style have been deliberately maintained in order to capture and reveal his actual way of thinking. This is reflected through the nuances of his words, phrasing, and way of articulating what is true for him.

"Joe Thambu is one of only a handful of people whom I respect as a master of their chosen craft and also as a friend. These pages offer great insight into the meaning of Budo as well as what it means to commit one's life to its pursuit. To read his words is to hear his thoughts and I am sure that every reader will find much to ponder."