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Aikido Shugyo

In AIKIDO SHUGYO, Gozo Shioda relates countless stories about his time spent training directly with the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba. The insights he shares from these years are indispensable to all serious martial arts students and anyone interested in Aikido.


UCHIDESHI is a gem that welcomes readers onto the mat right alongside the author, Jacques Payet. Readers will experience Payet's key insights, dream his dreams, and endure his pains. This unique perspective is now available for the first time anywhere.

Aikido Jinsei

The autobiography of Gozo Shioda, AIKIDO JINSEI candidly explores the development of Shioda's unique way of life, from his childhood experiences, through his training with the founder of Aikido, his time during the war and the establishment of Yoshinkan.

Inoue DVD

AIKIDO YOSHINKAN: INSTRUCTOR REQUIREMENTS, by Kyoichi Inoue, presents all of the major technical requirements for instructor certification as outlined by the Yoshinkan Aikido Headquarters with detailed demonstrations by Inoue Kancho.

Kempo Karate-do

Tsuyoshi Chitose was a key figure in the efforts to make Karate-do more accessible to the public after the war and KEMPO KARATE-DO details his thoughts concerning the role, importance, and techniques of the art during this pivotal time of its popularization.

The Endless Quest

Dometrich Hanshi was one of the originators who helped establish Karate-do in North America. Through countless anecdotal stories and photographs, THE ENDLESS QUEST details his struggles and introduces many of the other key players during this time.